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Meet Our Orange Grove Camp

This camp was discovered through another program sponsored by Goodwill Parent Educator Programs.  Tabitha Brown, parent educator with Goodwill,  member of Infinite Opportunities and the daughter of  Founder, Mechelle Davis.  She got word of this camp and was contacted by one of the homeless camp residents.   She brought the request to Infinite Opp and we immediately paid a visit to the camp with food, toiletries, and water.  We were already informed that there were five people in the camp.  We were able to take a tour through the camp was amazed at what we witnessed.  The camp was clean, organized, and seem to be stocked with the necessities.  We had an opportunity to speak to them to share resources and to really get  their story.

We were advised of the many disabilities of some of the resident and the treatment that they experienced in some of the shelters.  They advised us that they were threated like NOTHING in the shelter and they would prefer to live in the camps and regain some of their dignity.  I just ask God to continue to Bless them and allow us to continue to be a Blessing to them as well.  We inquired about additional items needed in the camp and we created a list.  We sent out a request to our Board, Members, Kingdom Covenant, Hand Up Charity, and Lifeline Counselors.  Everyone came together and we bought a Battery, Converter Box for electricity.  We took more clothes, shoes, totes, tents, tarp, towels, sheets,  food, drinks, water, bug repellent, mask, sanitizer etc.  We were so Happy to Help and we will continue to support them.  Thank you to all the has a heart to help us Make a Difference in the Community.

See Thank you video that they wanted to share.  God is Good.

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I love the way we pull together and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Mechelle Davis


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